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1/31/2016 Homily Take-Away

“No prophet is accepted in his or her native place.”

Lk 4:21-30


Thoughts for the week:

Prophets are about “telling the truth.” They aren’t about “predicting” the future; they’re about “confronting.” If there’s any prediction, it’s 2provide us w/ “future implications” of our “present actions.”

Jeremiah: lamenting…. “I didn’t choose this! I’m all alone. They hate me! Where are you God….?”

God says: Hey Jerry. Take it easy. B4 I formed you in the womb, I KNEW YOU; B4 you were even born, I DEDICATED YOU, APPOINTED YOU….. a PROPHET to the nations!

So this is YOUR mission, calling, purpose!

“Stand up and tell them. Be not crushed on their account (as though I would leave you crushed b4 them.)
I have made YOU!! ….a fortified city, a pillar of iron, a wall of brass…..against the land, the kings and princes, the priests and people.

Oh, and btw, “they WILL fight you but NOT prevail over you” (…you will meet resistance, but this is your call, purpose, mission) for I AM WITH YOU TO DELIVER YOU,” says the Lord.

…same w/Jesus: they couldn’t see how God was working in him….because they thought they “knew” him…. Wow! Golden-tongue….said some. Hey, wait a minute…we know this guy. Didn’t he grow up on 23 Jerusalem Lane? His father was a carpenter…he was too… and the more Jesus told them that he wasn’t gonna be able to “work” anything in their midst (native place/hometown) because they had closed minds and hearts, they more angry they got… “filled with fury.” He didn’t let it deter him though because he knew his mission, his purpose, his calling. Once again, do we?

  • So, who are the prophets in our midst? How open are we to them and their challenging messages? Do we limit them because we think we “know” them?
  • Where are you and I called 2b prophets, “tellers of inconvenient or uncomfortable truths?” …at work, in our social circles, in our relationships?
  • How do we react when we hear someone/something we don’t want to hear?
    Are we defensive? Offensive even?
    Love is patient, love is kind……
  • How do you and I love? Are we jealous, pompous, inflated? Do we have a high ego-need? Are we rude at times? Do we seek our own interests? Are we qwik tempered, brooding over past hurts?
  • Where can we be more patient, kind, truthful, loving?