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2/21/2016 Homily Take-Away


Gen 15:5

do we? 

  • what happens when people talk about miracles? ….what do we think?

…the cancer was cured/the tumor gone…I saw Jesus…the Virgin appeared to me….God said….I saw a light and heard a voice…

Sometimes it goes against our better judgment to believe these things… (are they whacked? Is he crazy? Gone too far with this religion/spirituality thing? Has she become a fanatic?)

…but they do happen.

  • Look at Abram: “hey Abe! I’m gonna make your descendants more numerous than all the stars in the sky!” Abe looks up and starts countin. “oh really God? I’m an old man….no kids…we got a problem here…how can I have descendants?”

The prob was very obvious to Abram and definitive. But for God, it was just a minor detail…and we know the rest of the story! Abram put his faith in God and trusted and God credited it to him as an act of righteousness. Abram gave God the space to work in the emptiness of his life…and that was all he needed.

  • Look at PJJ – Peter, James and John on the mountain…Jesus is transfigured b4 them…a voice comes out from a cloud…I mean, come on…who’s gonna believe them back in greater Galilee??? They’ve gone mad! They’re nuts! Ever since they started following Jesus, they’ve gone overboard!   Voices? Clouds? This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him….. it’s a lot to take…. (sometimes it goes beyond our better judgment to believe these things)

…but they do happen.


  • So it is with us in life. We face the basic challenge of faith: to believe in what’s beyond us OR to only cling to our concrete experiences. FAITH leads us BEYOND reasonable expectations and prods us toward unknowable, unpredictable transformation/transfiguration!


  • Where might we be being led beyond our current/rational experiences to a place of deeper faith and trust (like Abram)?
  • Where do you and I need to trust that God can/could be working in unimaginable ways in our lives if we give space for God 2work in the emptiness of our lives (like Abram)?
  • Where might you and I be challenged to balance faith and reason more instead of just leaning one way or the other?
  • What are the clouds in our lives, from out of which comes the voice that says, “This is my Son, listen to Him”? What cloudy, unimaginable, unwanted, scary situation are we going through that could actually be an opportunity for a deepening of faith and trust instead of losing it?
  • From all of this, where do we need to “listen to Him” as we grow in faith and trust no matter what’s happening in our lives?