Children’s Faith Formation

So often people say that we should look to the elderly, learn from their wisdom, their many years. I disagree, I say we should look to the young: untarnished, without stereotypes implanted in their minds, no poison, no hatred in their hearts. When we learn to see life through the eyes of a child, that is when we become truly wise.”
—Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

At Saint Cecilia we partner with parents to help nurture and support the spiritual and religious potential of children. We provide an atmosphere where children are exposed to Sacred Scripture, the celebration of the sacraments, prayer, and works of justice and mercy–all done within the context of the Catholic tradition and the teachings of Jesus Christ. Stop by and introduce yourself. We would be happy to welcome you and your children to Saint Cecilia.

Our Faith Formation Program for children begins in kindergarten 2 and ends in tenth grade with the celebration of the sacrament of confirmation. The sacraments of reconciliation and First Holy Communion take place in second grade.

If you would like to download the registration form for the Kid’s Faith Formation Program, please click here.

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