Weddings and Funerals

What music is appropriate for your wedding or for a funeral of a loved one?

Music is an integral part of the liturgy. Each piece of music serves a particular liturgical function in the form of accompanying processions, sung prayers or responses. As God is at the center of our prayer, all music and texts for a wedding or funeral must be sacred and liturgically appropriate. It must reflect the sacramental reality of Christian life and love in the Church.  As such, only music composed specifically for the liturgy may be used during a wedding or funeral.

What are not appropriate are secular pieces or popular songs with non-sacred texts, so they are not permitted. (Archdiocese of Boston Music in the Funeral Mass). In addition, recorded music is also not allowed. “Recorded music lacks the authenticity provided by a living liturgical assembly gathered for the Sacred Liturgy.” (USCCB, STTL, 2007).

While a piece of music may be a special favorite or have personal meaning, music for Mass must be sacred in order to be liturgically appropriate. Ultimately, the music must draw us “closer to the mystery of Christ, which is at the heart of this liturgical celebration.” (Ibid.)

If you need assistance and have any questions, do not worry! The music director is very happy to guide you step by step in the process: Robert Duff

For specific information about booking a wedding or funeral, and for information regarding procedures, fees, etc. contact: Mark Donohoe