What’s New


While we are physically separated from our parish community and have shifted to the live-streamed celebration of Mass, we offer some suggestions to help make the experience of virtual liturgy reverent and special.

Begin by Creating a Conducive and Reverent Environment

  • Set the stage for prayer and reflection by finding a quiet place at home to set up your computer.
  • Consider covering the table with a cloth or any piece of fabric (even a scarf can add an element of beauty).
  • Light candles.
  • Display a favorite holy image or icon.
  • Lay a crucifix nearby.
  • Display a Bible.

This is Special Time

  • Consider changing into your usual Sunday Mass clothes to watch the live stream, even if you are just sitting on your couch. This is a reminder that this period of time is special and set apart from the other activities that we’ve been partaking in.

During Mass

  • Participate in the Mass by using the worship aid, joining in song, making the appropriate responses, and following the readings.
  • Incarnate the gestures and postures of Mass by sitting, standing, and kneeling to the extent you are able.
  • Avoid eating and drinking during the virtual Mass.
  • Turn off cell phones and other devices that might be distractions during prayer.
  • Make an Act of Spiritual Communion while Father John receives Communion.
  • If you have young children at home and they don’t behave perfectly, don’t worry. You made Mass part of your life at home, and that is what matters most.

Keep Your Post-Mass Tradition

  • Do you normally head to the Parish Hall for fellowship over coffee and a bite to eat? Have some coffee and a snack after the virtual Mass while you FaceTime or Zoom with some of your Saint Cecilia friends.
  • If you usually make a certain meal at home, stick to it. Take comfort in the blessings of food, family, and friends.
  • Whatever your tradition is, try to keep to it as much as possible. It will help things feel a bit more normal.